Do you know when your bill is due?

Wednesday, September 1, 2021|City News

I am putting bills out earlier so there is ample time for paper bills to be delivered.
Several bills have been reported lost in the mail, please remember we have not control over that and WATCH for your billing near the first of the month if you get paper bills. Using Email to receive your bill is the fastest delivery option. Any customer may choose to receive email billing by calling or coming in the office and requesting it.
People who get paper bills do not get the newsletter individually, but may look at it on the Facebook page or at the City office. 
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE ONLINE PAY if you receive online billing,  it is optional for either, neither or both.

YOU MAY sign up for ACH. Your bill will be sent regularly, and your payment is withdrawn from your bank account on the 10th of each month. Call or come in to the office to get the authorization form for this service.

Bills are sent near the end of the month. Bills are due by the 10th, then a late fee is added to unpaid accounts. If not paid by the 20th, a shut-off notice will be sent, and if not paid by the 30th the utilities are turned off. The total balance due plus a reconnect fee must be paid before utilities are back on. Please remember that our city gas and water meters are read near the 15th of each month, so your bill due April 10 is paying for your utilities from about the 16th of February to the 15th of March.

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